About Me


Hello! My name is Kevin!

Years ago, I was a fashion flop.

Sporting the same ill-fitting jeans, converse, and tattoo T-shirts (think Ed Hardy) almost every day, I was desperate for a personal reinvention. By slowly letting fashion into my life, I not only looked better but as cliche as it is, gained confidence from this newly found self-expression. This change was not overnight but rather spanned gradually over the course of several years.

With so much to learn about clothing, I started this blog in hopes of helping or at least inspiring those who want to take a step into remodeling their wardrobe. Under the Fashion tab you will find the following four categories:

Lookbook – A brief write-up on some of my favorite outfits and where to find them

Shopping Guide – Guides on optimizing your shopping and purchases as well as brand features and shoutouts

Style Guide – Guides, and general advice for dressing and developing your unique style

World of Fashion – Admittedly my favorite—everything and anything relating to fashion from current events to a look into its history and origins

Here you will find plenty of resources for landing the best dressed list among all your friends.  Along with this, I will be sharing my favorite shopping locations, restaurants, and entertainment here in the ever so magical state of California. I’ll update every week on Wednesday with some extra posts on occasions. Feel free to subscribe below or perhaps take a glance at my most recent post!

-Valley Boi