7 Quick Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Discounts, sales, and other money-saving ways mean absolutely nothing if you don’t take care of your purchases as you would a puppy, Care and attention are vital for a long-lasting closet and most importantly, a better value for your dollar. Below are some shockingly simple tips that are easily overlooked and can drastically benefit the lifespan of your beloved shopping sprees!

1. Wash your favorite graphic tees as delicates

An immense trend for 2017, graphic tees are a go-to for many streetwear aficionados and unfortunately, a go-to for much chipping and fading. As with many delicates, consider handwashing the item inside out, however be sure not to aggressively scrub the fabric otherwise how else will people know you’re wearing Off-White?

Dryers at high temperatures should be avoided as should drying under harsh sunlight.

2. Wash your jeans sparingly

Regardless of brand or quality, most if not all, denim jeans fade increasingly with every single wash. While this may add more character to your pants, oftentimes the colors will appear to dull, leaving you with jeans that look vintage rather than new.

To get the most out of your money, remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your pants a couple of times without washing as long as they are not visibly dirty in any way. Of course, dead skin and oils will accumulate over time so make certain you don’t push the limit either ya nasty.

Wash inside out to preserve colors!

3. Read the care labels

I cannot stress this point enough. Reading the tags that many rarely notice —pretty sure everyone has shrunken a sweater at least once in their lifetime—will prevent you from having any future accidents and furthermore, will allow the fabrics to look their very best. If you own any precious wool clothing, or luxury fabrics such as silk, then this is not a mere suggestion but rather a rule to live by. These labels are the manufacturer’s recommended treatments so it is highly suggested to take a glance at them.


4. Never use a dryer for wool

Unless you were planning to gift your cashmere sweater to your little sibling, just don’t do it at all and avoid the risk. Instead, lay the clothing on a flat surface, shape, and let it dry with time.

5. Dry clothing without high heat

Drying machines all come with various temperature settings and many people will set their machine to high simply because it is quicker and therefore, convenient. What is not realized is that these high temperatures can be detrimental to fabrics and give way to fiber breakage which can be demonstrated on the dryer’s lint filter. Setting a lower temperature or line-drying clothing is understandably a hassle but ultimately, will retain the fabric’s durability the most.

6. Wash clothing in cold water

Not only will you save some money on your utility bill, but your closet will be thoroughly thankful because hot water increases chances of color fading, fabric damage, and even shrinkage. While hot water is certainly beneficial for sanitation purposes, it should rarely be utilized for apparel.

7. Store clothing neatly

Piling your clothing or jamming them onto a rack forcefully is a gateway for much wrinkles and friction. Drawers should be utilized to store items such as tees, undershirts, and tank tops, and closet space for jackets, dress shirts, and pullovers. For seasonal looks or special occasion outfits, it is recommended to either hang them or, if space does not allow, store them in plastic, lidded containers which will protect them from insects and dust accumulation.

-Valley Boi

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