Welcome Fall 2017!

Surprisingly, I’ve never done a simple, straightforward outfit post so I thought what better time than the first week of fall! I’m an autumn baby and needless to say, I’ve been extremely hyped up to bring out my pullovers and long sleeves out of the closet.

Autumn is all about layering, and as the last few heat waves pass through the valley and the rest of SoCal, I am slowly dusting off my jackets and sweaters. The climate can be fickle so I often try to balance my layering. In other words, I will not wear a thick sweater with a heavy jacket but instead, I’ll opt for a light tee with a heavy jacket. You shouldn’t be dressing too warm or too cold during this time. Practicality and comfort is key.

Although not the hugest fan of athleisure, this outfit definitely drew some direct inspiration from it. The Tommy Hilfiger athletic jacket is my latest purchase for my closet and possibly my most favorite to this date. The fabric is extremely durable and warm which will be a blessing for future rainstorms and freezing temperatures. There were many variations of this jacket in solid colors such as white or red yet it was almost a no-brainer to choose this one since it reps the brand’s signature trio of colors.

Black and white t-shirts, both plain and graphics, are wardrobe staples that any guy should have in their closet. They are incredibly easy to style, and very easy to wear making it one of the most useful essentials for your closet.

The jeans are from Forever 21, a store that I don’t frequent as much except for the pants. I bought a few pairs of denim jeans a year ago and to my surprise, the quality held up pretty well given its low price. Believe it or not, these are actually slim-fit however the tightness resembles that of skinny jeans. Regardless, they are incredibly comfortable and my only complaint is the color fade over time which is relatively normal for most jeans.

The small handbag was a gift my sister brought from her trip to South Korea. Interestingly enough, while in Seoul, she noticed it was not uncommon for some men to sport handbags and satchels out in public which is a direct contrast to LA where you’ll see most guys wearing backpacks if anything at all.

Lastly, the shoes are Docs. If you can’t tell by other posts already, I am obsessed with docs. This is my favorite pair to sport when going for a more casual look. The fabric and overall appearance resembles that of a sneaker, but its silhouette and construction remains faithful to the classic Dr. Marten boot.

I finally made some necessary updates to the blog and am ecstatic to be taking more photoshoots and writing more posts!

Haven’t posted in awhile but I’m glad to be back! What are you guys excited for Fall 2017?


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