Afternoon Glow

This is a Part 2 to the other photo shoot I featured in a prior post. Feel free to check that one out!

For this scene, I was actually aiming for a completely different look but many things did not end up going as planned but rest assured I already had a back up outfit in mind: A bright orange Nautica longsleeve paired with long socks and for accessories, the same Joyrich belt from the other shoot and a dark emerald green satin choker.

For this particular session, I utilized the natural light that was coming from the window. While walking into her studio, I was immediately hypnotized by her bed which was bathed gorgeously in soft lighting and was perfect to enhance her delicateness and femininity.


Upon buying my first DSLR, I would always try to capture the subject (oftentimes, me) head to toe. Not sure why I thought it was necessary but it quickly became habitual. Examining these photos and the different angles and compositions serve as an inspiring reminder of the long way I’ve come in photography.

Of course, there will always be more to improve on.


Unexpectedly, I even got the opportunity to work with another upcoming model on the set!

Nonetheless, this was a very straightforward, intimate shoot which served as invaluable practice for taking interesting pictures in otherwise normal locations. Stay tuned for more coming your way!

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-Valley Boi


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