Turn Your Sad Days Into Happy Days

Believe it or not, there are other place besides Disneyland that sell the most amazing churros. Don’t believe it? Well, allow me to introduce you to Happy Days. They offer a vast selection of churros, coffees, ice cream, churros, and did I mention churros!?

A couple weeks ago, a close friend and I got the chance to pass by here in order to tame our sweet tooth. The shop was surprisingly not busy on a Thursday evening and the wait for the order (the churros are made fresh for every customer) was no more than 10 minutes. The cafe is not immense by any means but it does provide enough space for comfort and would absolutely make a delightful spot for work or studies when not busy.

 Anyhow, let’s talk churros! My friend ordered the simple but ever so delectable churro ice cream sandwich. The cafe offers a few ice cream flavors all of which are proudly made vegan. Personally, I would recommend Cookies N’ Cream because it never seems to fail anytime I visit.

My all-time favorite item to  order is the majestic churro doughnut. It is exactly what it sounds like. Or maybe not. It comes stuffed with Nutella and the outside is gorgeously glazed with chocolate and of course, some sweet sprinkles on the top. The dessert is coupled with a little dash of whip cream and a juicy strawberry for added sweetness and most importantly, an aesthetic Instagram picture!

As if that isn’t enough, the cafe offers add-ons to your order for only a few more dollars. You could decorate your order with some chocolate drizzle or perhaps some fresh fruit with a scoop of ice cream. Even more impressive is the fact that the churros are all made vegan without the compromise of their flavor and the menu also offers the option of gluten-free churros! It’s no wonder they decided to name it Happy Days. If you ever find yourself stuck on the 101 Freeway during traffic (which is most of the time honestly), I would recommend to take a brief moment to satisfy that road rage and indulge in some savory desserts.

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