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Last Friday, I had the luxury of visiting Hollywood which despite the never-ending traffic and crowds, is one of my favorite locations to explore. It was here that I had scheduled a photo shoot with Mikaela, a very special friend of mine who dances full-time and always enjoys modeling on the side. This was my first shoot where I styled my subject and to be quite honest, I was super pleased with the results


For this particular look, I opted for a very comfortable streetwear look while still remaining chic to a certain degree. I brought in a StyleNanda white dress shirt with an asymmetrical cut and blue stripes on the sleeves as the main feature for the outfit. The sleeve cuffs are extremely exaggerated which adds a beautiful twist to an otherwise classic piece of clothing.

For the bottoms, I wanted to go for blue pants as I had reasoned that black would simplify the outfit and any other color would add to much visual chaos to the scene. These high-waisted jeans came straight from Mikaela’s closet and were admittedly slightly more saturated than I had expected but delivered a perfect complement to the shirt.

As for accessories, one of the main essentials of this look is the Joyrich “choker” worn on Mikaela’s neck. In actuality, this is obviously not a choker and is indeed a belt however this idea came straight from the Joyrich boutique where the shopkeepers had styled a mannequin in similar likeness. A 5 foot belt as a choker is insane. And I love insane.


Furthermore, she wears a handmade metal cuff with a turtle design as well as a necklace with multiple chains attached to give the outfit a little bit more of some spice. Originally, I was considering bringing in black or gold necklaces however the subtle touch of the silver jewelry served an effective purpose without overpowering the look.


Lastly, the shoes came from Mikaela’s closet and I did not really consider them much in the planning process other than the fact that I wanted them to be heels. To my surprise, she brought these beautiful Jeffrey Campbell heels out which I quickly fell in love with. Blue and orange are quite well-known to be complements to each other which made them the perfect pair to finish the outfit literally head to toe.


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And don’t forget to follow this lovely lady on her journey in the dance industry on Instagram: @mikmousehouse

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