American Vintage

I love vintage clothing. It’s not solely because of its cheaper price however I admit that is one of the reasons. But it is mainly because of the small, yet positive contribution to keeping our environment safer and cleaner. This is actually one of my favorite stores to visit monthly and it never fails to impress me with its selection of items.

American Vintage has several locations in SoCal and specializes in selling retro and vintage clothing for both males and females. Although the store appears to be somewhat small at first glance, it displays a great, varied selection of clothing from many different eras of fashion. Along with this, they sell several different accessories throughout the rooms ranging from ties to shoes.

What I really love about American Vintage is that they offer clothing with features that you’ll see often in DIY tutorials. During my last visit, I found flannels with safety pins adorning the sides and shirts that have been bleached or distressed. In the women’s section there were several jeans and shorts with the lace up sides which seem to be a huge trend recently.

One of my ultimate favorites which I ended up purchasing, was this Levi’s denim jacket with floral embroidery and extensive distressing. I am not quite sure if the store does these alterations themselves or if the clothing comes as is but needless to say, there is always merchandise that stays on top of today’s trends.

Anytime I walk into any store for the first time, my natural instinct is to examine the price tags to determine whether I’ll be buying or looking. Fortunately, American Vintage sells most clothing at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

You will surely be able to find  T-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, and dress shirts all for under $40. That being said, the store does have some expensive items however they are either made of valuable fabrics (i.e. leather, silk, etc.) or have unique features to them such as embroidery.


Look. At. Those. Prints. They’re gorgeous aren’t they?? That’s what i love about this store so much. In terms of building up your wardrobe, American Vintage excels for purchasing stand-out items that are harder to find in stores nowadays.

For example, flowy patterned shirts from the 70s can be very eye catching and different which will help your wardrobe become unique and distinct. Yes, shirts with prints exist and are still being integrated in new collections but you will never find these exact prints or patterns anywhere else. Ever. Except maybe another vintage shop.

It remains true that every era of fashion always makes a comeback. Perhaps it’s time to be the trendsetter and revive some of those classic styles from previous decades.

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