Luxury at Wasteland

Contrary to its name, Wasteland is anything but. This store is located on Melrose among several other locations that will have your credit card sobbing and your wallet running away.

The boutique specializes in selling higher-end clothing as well as some fast fashion such as Zara or Topman. The merchandise is a mixture of new and barely-used clothing but it is always in great quality so rest assured you do not need to worry about your purchases falling apart. Even better is that the store carries all types of items from your basic t-shirts to jeans and shorts as well as some accessories.

And of course, some shoes.

It is a given that the prestige, quality, and even the name of designer clothing is often tied in with a hefty price. Luckily, Wasteland makes it much more affordable by selling all items at a fraction of its original value. Don’t get too excited yet. Sadly, you will not be buying anything Yves Saint Laurent for $50 and you should still be prepared to find four-figure numbers on some of the tags.

That being said, the prices are definitely more affordable or at the very least attainable. Last month, I found a F/W 2017 Moschino jacket priced at $1200 being sold for $450 in the store! Not cheap at all but an astounding price for designer.

Personally, I would highly recommend this store for purchasing investment pieces for your closet. An investment item is a higher-end article of clothing that will never go out of style or trend and will most importantly, last you a really long time before wearing out. Coats, denim jackets, leather jackets, or plain dress shirts in solid colors are great examples of investment pieces.

These items can be combined with countless outfits, will last longer because of their higher quality, and will even fit better because the patterns for designer clothing are often cut more precisely in order to accurately adapt to the structure of the body. By investing and purchasing pieces at Wasteland, you can build up your closet easily since you will not have to worry about replacing worn-out clothes as often. Best of all, you will finally be able to sport your favorite designer without any buyer’s remorse.


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